Antique Rugs

Antique rugs are becoming more and more popular due to their unmatched workmanship, dexterity and representation of brilliant human skill of a bygone era. They are great way to accessorize your interiors with truly a distinctive and international flavor. Their singularity and scarcity make them more fascinating.

Antique Rugs

Best and most popular antiques

  • Persian: Ancient Persia of the Bronze Age is regarded as the harbinger of this unique heritage. Persian rugs are world famous for their impeccable artistry, perfect and precise designs and patterns and sheer brilliance and beauty. Persian rugs employed asymmetrical or single loop knot.
  • Turkish: Medieval Seljuk period saw the rise of rug making in Turkey. Turkish rugs are world famous for their immaculate and elaborate designs, patterns and great weaving technique. These rugs use symmetrical or double loop knot which result in stronger and more complex designs.
  • Chinese: Chinese rug creation can be traced back to the last emperor of the Chen dynasty. Chinese rugs are famous for their beautiful style and patterns.
  • French: French rug production started in the early part of 17th century. The carpets were made by weaving compressed decorative floral designs. Mythological scenes and paintings of Netherlands and Belgian Dutch were mostly depicted in the French carpets.
  • English: Rug making developed in England in the earlier part of 16th century. They were very much influenced by Indo-Persian or Turkish style. Elizabethan-Jacobean creepers and blossoms were also woven.
  • Spanish, Bulgarian, Armenian, Afghan, Indian and Tibetan are other very valuable antique rugs. Earliest record of carpet making in Spain is of 10th century A.D. 17th century A.D. is the earliest listed evidence of carpets in Bulgaria. Armenian carpets, kilims and rugs can be traced back to 7th century B.C.

Antique Carpets

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